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"This program is a winner!"

- Dick Eastman
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What is Family Tree Hosting from

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The Next Generation of Genealogy Site Building
It's a new way to publish your family history work onto your own private, custom family history web site. Your web site can be dynamically generated in a matter of seconds based on the work that you have already done. If you are just getting started, you can create a brand new tree from scratch. Some people use it as a companion to their existing genealogy application, while others use it as their only program for doing genealogy work. See below for more highlights or look through our Learning Resources on the left for more detailed information. Sign Up Now

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Share with Others

It's fun and easy to share your genealogy with other family and friends. It can help to get your family excited about genealogy and it can help other genealogists in their research. Of course, you will get to choose what others can see. If you only want to give registered users access, you can. Information on living people is also hidden by default to maintain privacy.

Safe and Secure

With advanced privacy controls, you will be able to control whether your site is public or private. If you decide to add multiple users to your site, you can control what they can do and see.

Easy to Use

No advanced knowledge of the internet is required. If you can surf the net, you can use this service. You don't need to know how to program in HTML or use any advanced tools to create your web site. Of course, if you do know HTML you will have the flexibility to customize your web site to an even greater degree..

Collaborate with Others

Several of our users have been contacted by long-lost cousins! By having your own Online Family Tree, you can add multiple users to your web site and give them privileges to add or update information in your genealogy database. By having multiple people work on the same project at once you can save time and accomplish more. Again, you will have full control over who can do what on your web site.

Your Own Custom Web Site

Unlike some other "world wide" family tree services, you will have your own private custom family tree. This lets you control how it looks and what the content is. This also means that you will own the content that you put on your web site. does not own your content, you do.

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